A signature is required for ALL orders. Individuals under the age of 21 are not allowed to sign for the package, so a guardian or doctor must sign for them.


There is a 30-day refund and replacement for every product purchased as long as the product is not tampered and forcefully destroyed. We would be more than happy to replace or refund the product if it is damaged or tampered upon arrival to your doorstep. Please contact if you want to process your refund or replacements, we will be more than glad to assist you!


In case, your order never arrived, AND there is no signature confirmation, immediately contact customer service at to either get a refund or a replacement.


If you have any questions regarding the refund policy, you may get in touch with customer service at .


Returned orders are returned to the pharmacy and destroyed. If you would like to order again, there will be an item cost added for the re-shipped order.